March comes in like a lion – for Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm


Today Cloud 9 bought it’s first tool! A hammer. Thanks to the West Philadelphia Tool Library for having a sale today – we are members so we will definitely be using them a lot this spring.
Hammers are symbols of strength, force, even domination!
It is an honorable symbol, since iron is a very useful metal and it was therefore very precious to people in early times. More precious than gold, it is said. Imagine that!
Iron to Gold is like Vegetables to _____. Take that SATs…. (my answer is Money but you can decide for yourself.)
We don’t plan to use this this tool for force or domination, at least not in the manifest-destiny approach … but for creating of beautiful raised beds in which we will plant vegetables for Philadelphia consumption. We will also use this hammer building a irrigation system that re-uses rainwater and decrease storm-water run-off in our city.
We hope you will join us to help build these beds, spread soil, plant seeds, rake and mulch our paths! Our first workday will be sometime in April so stay tuned for the actual date. (It will be a Saturday and Sunday early in the month!)

For now we are collecting all our materials. Got any extra lumber, soil, rain barrels, tools (rakes, shovels, trowels), harvest bins, that you’d donate to Cloud 9?
We’ll take anything you’ve got as long as it’s not broken! Please email if you’ve got something to give or you’d like to learn more about our project.
Also check out this months GRID issue – it has a article about rooftop farm at SHARE and Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm!



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