THANKS to all the folks who attended our fundraiser at Studio 34: Yoga.Healing.Art.

I deeply enjoyed sharing ‘Our Land’, a Greenhorns documentary with new and old friends.

To learn more about the Greenhorns go to

We made a little of money to help us get some fencing up on      the roof. But we still need  more to make it safe and sound.

So if all this beautiful weather makes you feel generous send a check to to :

Clare Hyre, 833 S. 49th St., Philadelphia, PA 19142.

We promise we’ll have our Paypal up in running within the next month! By that time we’ll be working under fiscal sponsorship of a larger non-profit.

We also need a few items to help us grow things. This is the official Cloud 9 Wish-List. If you have any of these items  that’d you’d be willing to donate please let us know!

Tools : Shovels, Garden Forks, Hoes, Rakes, Hammers, Wheelbarrows

Irrigation : Drip lines, Rain-Water Barrels, Gutters, Pressurizers, Soaker Hoes, Spigits

Harvesting : Harvesting Bins, Knives or Scissors, Sealable Plastic Bags, Rubber Bands


Send this blog site to one person you know who doesn’t know about Cloud 9.

Thanks, Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm


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