the ideas continue

as the season’s begining advances the ideas for cloud 9 are coming in a flurry. two new items to include on the farm …

1. Solar dehydrator :                                                   2. cold frames



CLOUD 9 goes to PASA

Pictures taken by Rachel Playe

This week Cloud 9 made it’s debut at PASA (Pennsylvania Assosiation of Sustainable Agriculture). The momement was small, but proud! We got a shout out at the Permaculture pre-track and our project was compared to the farm in Queens, the Brooklyn Grange. Yesssssss.

– Ideas for our rooftop farm include :

1. Growing Vertical

2. Making our own compost!

3. Using found and reusable items: 

Welcome to 2012. Cloud 9 loves the New Year!

As January comes to an end the upcoming farm season becomes a reality! Cloud 9 is gearing up for the creation of it’s demonstration garden, using products from rooftop gardening companies like Rooflite, Hydrotech, and planters from Philadelphia’s Backyard Farmer Al Brenner.

Our fantastic friends at UrbanEcoForms are designing our rooftop space to include productive growing space as well as space for educational programing.

We are excited by our continued work with SHARE and other city organizations and so greatful for the support of friends and family in this process. We have finally distributed our Cloud 9 Kickstarter Rewards, sending them off to places as far as New Zealand!

Watch out for upcoming events in March! We will need as much volunteer help as we can get to get this project ‘off the ground’!!!!!



PHS City Harvest Grower’s Alliance

Cloud 9 is happy to announce it will be a part of the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society ‘s City Harvest Grower’s Alliance for the 2012 season. This means that come spring we will be ‘breaking ground’ (except that we won’t be breaking things except PHS protocol on traditional CHGA sites) on the SHARE rooftop. Stay tuned for on the roof events that involve soil, plants, and fun!


hi folks,

our paypal account is currently not working so if you’d like goods we’ll have to do it the old school way. Please send us an email at with a list of what you’d like and your address and a check for the right amount made out to Cloud 9. 
We will then make sure you recieve your product.

Thanks! And sorry for the inconvenience,

Cloud 9 

2011 Cities Alive Green Roof Conference


How timely is it that the Green Roof and Walls conference was in Philaelphia, PA this past week. Rania and I were able to learn about incredible rooftop projects and products through attending workshops or visiting the trade show filled with all the new green roof/wall inventions. Conversations about policy, greening the city, and rooftop agriculture brought a new level of excitement and intrigue to the Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm team. Each person we met, each person we still need to contact, is a vital asset to our project and has so much to offer! 

While needing to raise 1.5 -2 million dollars is no small task we’re inspired by rooftop farms like the Brooklyn Grange , Eagle St. Farm, and the beautiful school rooftop farms we learned about in Chicago and Toronto.

The was a feeling of something really fresh and exciting happening at Cities Alive and we’re ready to grab hold of that energy and bring Philadephia a rooftop farm.!

for sale!

Photo courtesy Jane Broadbent!

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the tortoise and the hare

Which are we ? And who won the race? Yes we are slow but we are steady and we are still here working to start Philadelphia’s first rooftop farm.
This Thursday we have the pleasure of visiting the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm in Queens, NY. I am very excited to meet Ben Flanner and the crew there and learn how they integrate production, education & community sustainability.

Important Notice: We are silk screening Cloud 9 shirts on September 22. We need your extra t-shirts , any size, that have adequate space for the Cloud 9 logo. Please email me at if you have anything to donate!

Check out the article about Cloud 9 and Clare Hyre

Find out what our friends are doing!

Check out Lauren Mandel’s new blog and information about her book Eat Up! Lauren has been helping us with the CDC design for the SHARE rooftop.